Legal issues

Legal issues offers content selling with 2 types of licences:

Royalty Free



Royalty Free (RF) – licences have very few restrictions. This type of media can be used in one project multiple times by the same customer without additional fees. 
The media buyer is allowed to use the content commercially in almost every type of project.

Editorial (or “Non-Commercial”) – use for a newsworthy subject or event. Such content is not suitable for advertising. It has to be used in the proper context 
directly connected to the content.

When selling video, image or audio in the Royalty Free model:

Remember that when filming or taking pictures of other people you should sign a Model Release agreement with your models.
Model Release

While filming or taking pictures of property and objects that don't belong to you, sign a Property Release agreement with the owner.

Property Release

You'll find website regulations here:


Creator’s licence agreement:

Creators agreement 

Buyer’s licence agreement:

Buyers agreement 

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